Along came a spider...

The Casebook will serve as an historical and comparative introduction to Western legal traditions, including Britain, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Consistent with the Ius Commune series, the text will collect appropriate primary and secondary materials accompanied by editorial notes and overviews. Pedagogically, these will be selected for their accuracy and conciseness as well as for their ability to encourage students to think critically about the subject. Materials not currently accessible in English will be included and the text will utilise full text sources made available through the Ius Commune website.

As an introductory teaching text, priority will be given to ‘external’ legal history, but selected examples of ‘internal’ legal history will also be analysed. Chapters will cover specific time periods and include

  1. a number of themes (eg, the interplay of the iura propria and iura communa, legal institutions, the legal profession, legal science and legal study, the sources of law, etc)
  2. various areas of law (eg, commercial law, criminal law, obligations, procedural law, property law, public law, etc).

Where appropriate, the relevance of the past to the present will be highlighted, including the possibility of a new ius commune Europaeum.